In the year 1906 Samuel Augustus Daniel was born. Cooking was always in his blood. At the young age of nine he worked for Mr. Joe Roller in downtown Fairfield selling chili and Hokey Pokey. Sammy quit school in the eighth grade and opened his own hamburger stand. People liked his burgers so much that they called them “Sam Burgers.” During the ‘30s and ‘40s he owned several other eating places, including a popcorn and a hot dog stand on the square in Fairfield. In January 1944 Sammy married Doris Wayne Childs. In 1953 Sammy and Doris opened a small BBQ stand on the south side of town on Highway 75.

Sam working at his BBQ pit.

Sam Daniel working at his BBQ pit.

It was at this little stand, which had sawdust floors, old school desks for tables and surplus army tin trays for plates that Sammy perfected his BBQ sauce recipe. Doris was busy as well, developing her skills at making the homemade pies and desserts that everyone loves.

Sammy and Doris moved their family to Delaware in 1963 where they remained for three years. They missed Fairfield and their friends so they moved back home and opened another restaurant on highway 75 south of town. It was here where they first started making the homemade bread that is so famous. Sammy passed away on June 15, 1967. His oldest son, Gilbert (Ponte) Daniel, took over the business during his father’s illness. Gilbert had worked for his father since the age of nine, where he bussed tables. Doris continued working and making pies for 34 years before she finally retired in 2001. She passed away March 9, 2006. Gilbert (Ponte) is still running the business today.