Sam's Gift Shop

After you've enjoyed some of our home cooking come on over to the Sam's Gift Shop where you can browse our collection of home decor, scented candles and assorted aromatics, toys, souvenirs, and collectibles. You're sure to find that perfect gift for a family member or friend.

Featured Items

yellowbox Shoes

Both high quality and stylish, yellowbox shoes come in an assortment of styles and sizes.

Beanpod Candles

Made wholly out of soy wax Beanpod candles burn cleaner and without the mess of standard paraffin wax candles.


A perfect gift for the kids, after purchasing your webkinz plush you can use the secret code that comes with it to adopt a virtual version of your plush pet online and have access to the webkinz online community.

Rustic Crosses

The perfect compliment to any Texas themed home or room.